The Inner Circle Incubator

Be Part of a VIRTUAL Sales Funnel Creation Retreat

You will walk away with a step-by-step plan to create a steady flow of clients, fill your programs, coaching, and product offers, create more revenue and FREEDOM.


You started your business to get MORE of what you want.

You started your business to create MORE of what you want. MORE time with the people you love doing the things you love. MORE revenue flowing to fund living the life you imagine. MORE impact serving more people with your work. MORE security and freedom by taking control of your career.  

I Get It... 

I had "marketed" for years and still had not grown that coveted "list" everyone talks about.  

When I redesigned and automated my coaching and consulting business, I rapidly grew my community to over 60,000 awesome tribe members like you... in less than 3 years.  

Before automating my client experience funnel, I could only work with 20 clients a year. Now, I serve thousands of clients each year.  

Before I had a system for attracting a steady flow of my ideal clients, I traveled every single week and worked 75 hours a week (including all that time hanging out in airports). Now, I am thrilled to say I have not been on a plane for “work” in years, I took more time off than ever, and I'm able to pick up my daughter at 3pm every day and enjoy the afternoon with my kids.  

Freedom means we can make choices in alignment with what is most important in our lives. I've found my freedom, and now I'm on a mission to help you find yours.  

Imagine an intimate retreat where you will be able to reinvent your business to steadily attract more clients into your leveraged products. 

You'll be moving from serving one-to-one to one-to-many, and creating the business and lifestyle that you have imagined.

Here's how we are going to build your dream business in The Inner Circle Incubator:  

We'll meet online via small group web conferencing. We’ll work backwards from your life goals and detail out how your business needs to be designed to hit those goals. 

We will to work on your offer, create your marketing strategy, design your sales funnel, choose the right traffic attracting strategy, and you'll get personalized feedback from me and my team along the way.

We will work through your entire sales funnel, including how to:

  • Niche down your audience and your offer so you can stand out in the online noise
  • Choose the right problem to solve in your first offer that will effortlessly lead into your higher ticket offers
  • Strategically price your main, next, and high-level offers (even if you don't have them created now)
  • Write compelling copy using a proven formula for high-conversion 
  • Design your entire sales funnel map outlining every part of your customer experience
  • Write your ads for high conversion
  • Design intriguing copy for your lead magnet opt-ins
  • Identify what and how to outsource anything you don't want to do yourself  

In our hands-on working sessions, you will be sitting around a table with me and your colleagues. With each exercise you complete, you'll get personalized feedback from me to answer any questions and clarify your next steps.

The Inner Circle Incubator isn't just ideas. 

It's about making ideas happen.

You don’t need another course. You need to see how it all fits together and how a few simple moves can set you up to play at a whole different level.  

  • This is designed specifically for the expert like you wanting to grow a relationship-based tribe of raving fans that want to work with you doing meaningful work over time. (This is not for anyone hoping to sell a million $1 e-books by leaning against a Ferrari on their sales page.)  
  • This is an intimate, guided learning experience with 1-on-1 review of your plan plus specific steps leading to a clear end result (that will grow your business). We will tackle one part of your plan at a time and refine each step before we move to the next. You’ll leave feeling confident and empowered, not overwhelmed.  
  • You'll have the opportunity to share your business plan, give and get feedback, and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  
  • You will have ongoing access to a faculty of experts with launch experience generating millions in revenue to help you implement your plan.  
  • You will leave with a simple and doable plan of action. Even if it's just you or maybe you and a really small team, you can implement these systems. We’ll have follow-up accountability calls to help you stay on track.  

Highlight: How to Build Your Profit Plan

I see business owners making decisions on what to offer, how to price it and what to include without thinking through the profit impact of these decisions.

Choosing the right price point, for example, begins by calculating the cost of getting that new client.  

Do you know how much of your program tuition needs to be allocated to the cost of finding that client? If you don’t, you can work really hard to fill a program and serve the clients in that program and still not make the profit you need. We are going to work backwards from your annual revenue goal and work through the numbers so that you can profitably position your offers.

Highlight: How to Build Your Traffic Plan

Imagine having your revenue flowing consistently and predictably-even when you are playing hooky. There’s an art and science to creating experiences that move prospects into clients.  

We are going to walk step-by-step through designing your entire online business that works for you 24/7 including how to:

  • Create a free lead magnet offer that the majority of your ideal leads will opt-in for
  • Generate a steady stream of leads coming in 24/7
  • Create Facebook Ads that cut through the noise and get results
  • Design a sequence of offers that moves clients from a smaller offer to $10-$20k packages (with only one piece of content -- this is a game changer)
  • Plus, the free and premium tools you can use to put this on auto-pilot

The Inner Circle Incubator isn't just ideas. 

It's about making ideas happen.

Your Inner Circle Incubator Agenda

Your ideal client is inundated with information. Every day, your client sees multiple programs being offered that are similar to what you are going to offer. She opens her phone and is invited to download free e-books or attend webinars, free trials, masterclasses, or who knows what else. It doesn’t matter if your client is a solopeneur or a VP of a Fortune 500 company.

You have to figure out how you will be heard in all that noise.  

Here’s how: You are going to stand out in all that online noise by getting clear in 8 core areas. We will be diving into these together and making critical decisions about how you will show up differently and authentically so that your ideal clients instantly know that you are the person they have been looking for.  

It doesn’t matter how many competitors are out there doing what you want to do, you can stand out authentically when you narrow your focus and tighten your messaging.  

I operate in THE most competitive marketing space heads up with the best online marketers in the world that I have admired for years, and my company has grown by leaps and bounds year after year. If I can do it in this space, you can do it, too.

Session One: The One Thing You Need to Get Clear on Before You Create Anything

Getting clear on this one critical component of your strategy will set you up for success. 90% of would-be entrepreneurs miss this.

Session Two: Build Your Profit Plan (vs. a Business Plan)

Work backwards from your "magic number" using the benchmarks provided to determine exactly how much traffic you need to make more profit with less effort.

Session Three: Your Profit Pyramid

Most people think every offer has to have new content when in fact your higher level offers require NO additional content creation. I am going to help you create one piece of content you can offer at $997 or 10-20x that amount. This is the secret to creating more profit with less effort.

Session Four: Designing the Perfect Main Offer

We are going to choose, price, and package the right “main” offer that allows you to serve one-to-many and has the potential for higher level offers.

Session Five: Build Your Experience Funnel and 6- to 7-Figure Business Model

You will build a visual wall map of the entire experience your clients will move through. By the end of the day, you will have a clear picture of your funnel that you can automate to build a 6-, 7- or multi-7-figure business.

Session Six: Writing Your Funnel Copy Compelling Sales Page Copy

There is an art and science to writing compelling marketing messages. You’ll follow a proven template and write copy that converts prospects into raving fans. 

Session Seven: Constructing the Perfect Webinar

We will craft your webinar to attract your ideal clients into your funnel using a proven content structure that has generated millions in webinar sales and works with any topic.

Session Eight: Think Tank: Dedicated Time to Get Feedback on Your Plan

You will have time to get individual feedback from me and your colleagues. We will go through your entire business plan focusing on keeping it SIMPLE so you can implement and get quick results.

Virtual Retreat via Small Group Web Conferencing 

September 16-18, 2020 - 15 SPOTS LEFT

Want to spend 3 days together building your plan?

Included in the Inner Circle Incubator VIRTUAL:  

  • Your Virtual, 3-1/2 Day Intimate Retreat held online via small group web conferencing
  • A full 60-day support plan following the retreat which includes 2 small group Q&A calls


First, let’s be clear: This is not a passive, me-talking-all-day webinar where everyone is anonymously multi-tasking. 

This is an active, intimate, engaged group of smart experts like you coming together to collaborate on building your business. 

I’ll be leading you through exercises, giving you direct feedback on your strategy and walking you through the behind-the-scenes of a 7-figure teaching others business. 

You’ll have the option to partner up with other members, join breakout sessions and have plenty of time to work on your own in between our learning sessions. You will leave with an action plan and milestones for us to review together in the two small group follow up calls happening after the event.

The Virtual Inner Circle Incubator

$2,547 or 3-payments of $897