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FREE Guide: The 3 C’s: The Definitive Formula for Pricing Your Online Course

Are you wondering how to price your online course?

It’s easy to get in a tailspin when you see other courses out there being marketed high, low, and in-between.

You really want to be able to position your course on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Why? Because this enables you to generate the revenue you envision with fewer clients.

Plus, a higher price point course gives you the additional budget to include paid advertising in your launch marketing plan. This is an important component to growing your business FAST.

This guide will help you quickly see what you can include in your course to create high value and powerful results for your ideal clients.

Let’s get started pricing your online course!

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The key is to figure out the one thing you can do that will make the


Then, do that ONE thing first.

-Jeanine Blackwell

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